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Welcome to Masifunde

Masifunde supports motivated but financially disadvantaged children in South African townships through educational programmes.

Education through vision

Masifunde Bildungsförderung e.V. strives for a world that is fair in terms of distribution and opportunity. We are convinced that poverty is best fought through education.

What you can expect

As a volunteer, you will actively support the group leaders and teachers in direct contact with the children, whom you may also instruct yourself in smaller groups. Your support is especially needed for homework supervision. As Masifunde is very active in public relations and social media, you can also help here. Above all, you will have the opportunity to use your creativity and to create your own small projects, as well as to participate in or organise excursions, leisure and holiday activities.

About the project

Masifunde Learner Development is a young non-governmental organisation which pursues the goal of achieving more educational and equal opportunities for children and young people in South Africa. The aim is to break the vicious circle of poverty and to open up new perspectives for the future. Masifunde gives children from Walmer Township in Port Elizabeth access to school education, individual homework supervision and practical, everyday, extracurricular education and leisure activities of the highest quality within the framework of integrated educational support programmes lasting several years. Masifunde means “Let’s learn” and is accordingly convinced that development cooperation functions primarily through educational opportunities, as long as these are of a high standard and are designed for the long term and sustainability.

What you bring along

- You enjoy working with children and young people.
- You enjoy organising projects and carrying them out independently.
- You may already have experience and knowledge of various methods, especially in the field of action orientation.
- You may already have practical experience in working with and guiding youth groups with a focus on knowledge or competence development.

Target group

Children and young people of different age groups

Working Languages



12 8th Avenue
Walmer, Port Elizabeth

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Masifunde is the family that welcomes you no matter what you are like and shows you how beautiful we all are together and how many wonderful things we can create together. I have never felt more grateful in my time in the team and probably never laughed more.
Leonie Schilling
North-South-volunteer 2019/20
Whether it was supporting the group leaders in workshops and in the office, visiting townships to acquire new schools or going on excursions with the 7th graders - Masifunde did not lack variety. The loving environment and the shared vision made the year, with all its ups and downs, a wonderful experience.
Sophie Kern
North-South-volunteer 2016/17
The weltwäts volunteer service at Masifunde Learner Development was a place of encounter for me. Besides the cultural exchange with my South African colleagues or the inhabitants of the township and the experiences at work, I also learned a lot about myself.
Christina Marutlulle
Mentorin in Gauteng