A selection day of a different kind

Our digital selection day

On 6 March 2021, the second SAGE Net selection day for the upcoming North-South volunteer cohort took place as usual. This time, however, no one travelled to Berlin by train. Due to the current situation, volunteers and applicants came together via Zoom conference. Breakout rooms were planned and created, a rehearsal took place and everyone started the day with a portion of excitement.

Advantages in working digital

At first glance, it seemed like a big challenge. But on closer inspection it had a number of advantage. SAGE Net alumni who would otherwise not have been able to attend the selection day due to a longer journey were able to join in. They could answer questions in interviews. In addition, Thomas, our mentor in Cape Town, had the opportunity to accompany the selection day. he told the applicants a little about his life and the current situation in South Africa. In addition, there were very practical advantages, as travel costs and CO2 could be saved.  

Compared to the previous selection days that I was able to experience as an alumnus, the personal contact with the applicants and the informal exchange, for example between the interviews and over lunch, was of course missing. Nevertheless, it was very nice to see other SAGE Net alumni again and it shows that such an online selection day can still ensure closeness and cohesion. In any case, it was again fun to get to know the applicants and to see that they are interested in a volunteer year with SAGE Net.
Katharina Große Halbuer
North-South-volunteer 2014/15
I was a bit nervous before the selection day, but when it started, this nervousness was almost completely "swept away" and replaced by anticipation. After a short time, I was able to talk to the other applicants in a relaxed manner. Especially the conversations with the alumni, many of whom had recently been to South Africa themselves, and with Thomas, who was even there live from Cape Town, made me really want to fly out soon myself. Even outside the selection day, everything was very pleasant and personal. If I had any questions or problems, I could simply contact SAGE Net and got an answer quickly. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)
Emil Geppert
North-SouthVolunteer 2021/22

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