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If you want to better understand global social, economic and political interrelationships, the ASA programme is the right place for you! Through a stay abroad and several seminars every participant can get involved and broaden his or her own horizon.

The ASA programme awards a total of 300 scholarships each year to young students or people who have completed vocational training. Within the framework of the programme, the participants attend several seminars in Germany. This is followed by a three- or six-month project phase with subsequent reflection on their own experiences and the learning process. Abroad, the participants are introduced to one of three areas – non-governmental organisations, business-related organisations, colleges and universities.

In each of the three areas several participants work together, who either live in Germany or come from one of the partner countries.

As early as 1961, the first project-related stays abroad were carried out as work and study visits. Over the years and as the number of participants increased, the programme was expanded and today focuses on global learning, as well as intercultural exchange and development policy commitment.

Today’s stay abroad is held in a country in Africa, Asia, Latin America or South-East Europe. As ASA programme partners the participants will be integrated into the club life and work in the SAGE Net office in Cape Town. In our office an own project can be planned and subsequently implemented. Depending on the interest of the participants, the activities can range from research and protocol evaluation, creative projects, such as the creation of a film, to restoration. Many former participants of the ASA programme are still active in the ASA network.

Currently SAGE Net does not organise ASA stays abroad.

If you are interested in the ASA programme, please visit Engagement Global.