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The Butterfly Art Project is a project for children and young people in which psychological skills are developed through artistic experiences.


Vrygrond is a township in the south of Cape Town. It is one of the oldest settlements, where about 40 000 people live.

What you can expect

Volunteers join the team at the Vrygrond Arts Center in implementing healing arts education for children and youth. Their tasks include: Assisting in the art classes, helping to clean the classrooms, assisting with exhibition preparations, assisting with workshops and depending on the arrangement, more or less secretarial work such as sending business emails and WhatsApp messages, making phone calls, creating promotional posts. 

About the project

Since 2011, the Butterfly Art Project exists in Vrygrond, a township in the south of Cape Town. It offers two programs for children and young people. In the mornings, there is the Love Bugs program, in which children who cannot go to school participate. Here they experience rhythm, singing together, exciting stories, artistic activities, therapeutic and free play. In the afternoons, there is the Heart for Art program for school children who come to art classes after their classes. The art classes are always meant to be a SafeSpace for the children. A place where they can feel comfortable, develop freely and always look forward to the next visit. By gaining artistic experience, the children develop skills that will protect and support them in overcoming trauma and in their later lives.  

At Butterfly Art Project, English is spoken both in the classes and among the staff. The classes, which are taught by motivated, dedicated and caring individuals, are aimed at children and adolescents. In addition, the Butterfly Art Project also has a large network of art-loving adults who spread the methods of the art project to many other groups of children and youth in numerous other areas.  

What you bring along

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You will be working with

Children and youth of Capricorn Township 

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1115 Vrygrond Avenue
7945 Vrygrond, Cape Town

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