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Art and sports project

Dance For All offers classical and modern dance lessons for children from the townships around Cape Town.

Perspective through creativity

Movement, fun and games. Children often love dancing and choreographic sequences. Free programmes offer children the opportunity not only to better live out their hobby, but also to improve and see new perspectives.

What you can expect

As a volunteer, you will be responsible for the management and maintenance of the costume fund and the coordination of dance productions. You can also take part in the training, work with the children and accompany them on their journey. Volunteers are also responsible for public relations and fundraising, which is an important part of the project.

About the project

Dance for All is a renowned dance school in Cape Town, which gives first-class and free dance lessons in ballet, contemporary and African dance to children from the townships. In this way they are enabled to start a professional dance career and are shown a new perspective on life. But also for those who do not immediately become a ballet star at “Dance for All”, the project is a unique opportunity to develop their personality and find forms of expression for what moves them.

The dance students are taught by, among others, recognised and successful dancers. Philip Boyd and his wife Phyllis Spira founded the project in 1991. Starting with 34 children, the non-profit organisation has established itself in such a way that today it enables 1500 children to receive instruction. Besides dancing, the social aspect also plays an important role. Through regular lessons, the children are taught values such as discipline, personal responsibility and punctuality and the day is well structured. The teacher becomes an important person of trust and reference and at the same time serves as a role model. In him the children can find someone who believes in them, supports them, motivates them and gives them the self-confidence to steer their lives in a different direction by their own efforts.

What you bring along

You will be working with

Dance-loving children from 4 to 20 years

Working Languages



7 Cwango Crescent, 10 Aden Avenue

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Dance for All, where I learned how dancing brings together the most different people, brings them fun and joy and makes them forget reality for a short time. This has helped me to be able to practice my love for dance more freely and to feel more comfortable dancing in front of an audience.
Isabella Zimmermann
North-South-volunteer 2016/17

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