Dance For All: Corona Update

Dance For All during Corona

Insights into the project

The financial impact

Towards the end of March 2020, our programmes were severely curtailed due to the Corona pandemic and the resulting national lockdown. One of our most important
sources of funding were delayed or postponed and there were
delays in the processing of funding applications. Thus, it is not only our programmes and the day-to-day education of students that are affected. The national and global funding effects also affect us financially.

Changes within donations

Donors and expected donations have changed to a certain extent. Our donors’ perspectives have shifted to focus more on the Corona crisis and the global economic situation.

Dance For All’s Motivation

We are aware of the seriousness of the situation. This includes the health threat and the devastating impact on individual households struggling to make ends meet. Similarly, Dance For All is also feeling the impact of reduced funding.
This is the case for most non-profit organisations, as well as for
institutions working in the arts and performing arts.
We are determined to welcome Dance For All students back with open arms as soon as we can resume classes. This will allow the students to continue their education and develop their skills.
We can also confidently say that our students are withstanding the Corona crisis with strength due to years of training.
Their dance training has equipped them with physical and mental fitness.
This includes mental health. They also learn to take responsibility for their health, to be disciplined and focused, and to maintain a positive attitude. We can all use that in the Corona crisis. With the right stamina, we look forward to the start of training.

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