The volunteer engagement of our alumni after their weltwärts volunteer service is an important component for SAGE Net. Whether at application days, seminars, conferences or events, stories are told everywhere. In the process, there are various working groups.

Working groups

With the early departure of our volunteers in 2019/20 due to Corona, new structures have also developed. As a desire to continue the volunteer service in Germany, we developed working groups from which today active AG’s have formed.

What started as an emergency job is now a well-structured team.
Milena Schwotzer
Social Media Team

Communication WG

The Communications WG is responsible for public relations. Content for the website blog and social media channels is planned in an editorial plan.

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Fundraising WG

The Fundraising WG plans sustainable projects for collecting donations. Examples are an annual calendar or a merchandise collection.

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New footholds WG

The working group “New pillars” is working on the conception of further programs besides weltwärts. These include encounter projects of all kinds between Germany and South Africa.

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WG South North

Süd Nord AG is working to improve the voluntary service for South Africans in Germany. This includes, for example, finding host families or mentoring in Germany.

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Marie Rüdiger


Our working groups introduce themselves!