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The ENSA programme is a BMZ-funded school exchange programme that aims to link pupils from Germany and countries of the Global South.

The aim is to make learning tangible and arouse interest in global engagement. The program focuses on global issues. These include social justice, human rights, diversity and sustainability. The schools receive content-related and financial support. A plan is developed to ensure sustainable cooperation and to meet the interests of the schools.

Student exchange 2018

In 2018, funding was successfully applied for. This enabled a school exchange to take place between Bonns Fünfte Comprehensive School in Bonn and Ndyebo Secondary School in Port Elizabeth. This enabled students in grades 9 to 11 from Bonn, accompanied by teaching staff, to travel to Port Elizabeth. The following year, students from the Ndyebo School visited the comprehensive school in Germany. The learning content of this encounter revolved around the main topics of “Diversity of values, cultures and living conditions” and “Lifestyles in relation to current life situations”. The school exchanges are embedded in AGs at both schools. In the AGs the topics are taken up and worked on. In the encounter, the students exchange ideas, inspire each other and learn from each other.

Due to renewed provision of funding, a trip by pupils from Bonn, accompanied by two teachers, to Port Elizabeth was also planned for 2020. Due to the worldwide corona pandemic, however, the encounter trip could not take place as planned. Nevertheless we hope for further exciting encounters between school partnerships.