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Evangelische Stiftung Arnsburg | Lich

Pedagogical project

The Protestant Foundation Arnsburg offers children and young people a place for personal development.


Foundations are institutions that use grants to pursue a defined vision. In cooperation with the Protestant Church, this foundation works to create a strong social environment and support children and young people.

What you can expect

As a volunteer you plan the leisure activities and then implement them. You are also responsible for the design of the accommodation and aspects of public relations. English lessons are given to the young people, which you actively support. You can also set up your own projects in the fields of culture, cultural exchange, sustainability, global learning, politics and sports.

About the project

The Protestant Foundation Arnsburg (ESTA) supports children, teenagers and young adults in their personal development. In particular, it supports those whose family environment would otherwise not be able to provide the support that is needed. Regardless of the cultural or religious background of the children and young people, the ESTA offers its support to all and ensures that the social and family environment improves as much as possible. In doing so, the children and young people can draw on a wide range of social services and the support of professionals. This also applies to additional educational opportunities which the children and young people can take advantage of. In general, all these offers are cross-group and yet strengthen each individual in his/her competences.

ESTA is located in Lich, a small town near Gießen and not too far from Frankfurt am Main, in the federal state of Hesse.

What you bring along

You will be working with

Children and young people of different age groups

Working languages



Höhlerstraße 4

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