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Education project

Bonn’s Fünfte is a comprehensive school in which all pupils learn together.


Comprehensive Schools

Comprehensive school is a type of school at which several educational qualifications are possible. Thus, a choice can be made between lower secondary school leaving certificate, intermediate secondary school leaving certificate and Matric.

What you can expect

As a volunteer you will support pupils in different learning contexts, following the example and concept of the school. This includes actively participating in the organisation of project seminars and project weeks and supporting the teachers in their lessons. As a special project you can participate in the Active Organisation of the “Working Group South Africa” in cooperation with the Ndyedo Senior Secondary School in Port Elizabeth, the ENSA SAGE Net project. You will also be involved in the administrative side of the above mentioned projects and programmes.

About the project

Bonn’s Fünfte is a school where students learn together regardless of their cultural background, religion, strengths and weaknesses, and nationalities. The school is part of the nationwide project “Schools without Racism”. Raising awareness about oneself and one’s individual responsibility in society are the main objectives of this school. It is the conviction of the sponsors that everyone should have the same opportunities and access to quality education. Bonn’s Fifth is thus an inclusive school, a concept which implies equal opportunities for participation for all in society.

The comprehensive school “Bonn’s Fünfte” is located in Bonn, a city in the federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia, in the west of Germany.

What you bring along

You will be working with

Children and young people who want to be supported in an inclusive and cosmopolitan school in order to benefit from intercultural offers

Working languages



Eduard-Otto-Straße 9

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Going abroad as a young professional to do voluntary work enabled me to maintain existing skills and develop a whole new set of skills and a new knowledge base.
Musiegh Madatt
South-North-volunteer 2018/19

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