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Health project

Haus Schöneberg offers a home for adults with mental and multiple disabilities.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Haus Schöneberg is not accepting any volunteers for the 2020/21 cohort.


Living Together

Around 75 people in need of care find a new home here and live together in a facility adapted to their needs.

What you can expect

As a volunteer you will support the staff in the area of care. In addition, you will take over housekeeping activities. You can take part in the planning of upcoming excursions or trips, as well as plan and carry out your own projects within the shared flats for and with their residents. This also includes daily or weekly leisure activities that provide variety.


About the project

Haus Schöneberg offers a home to people with mental and multiple disabilities. People benefit from a wide range of offers depending on the severity and nature of their limitations. Thus, both people with mental and physical disabilities are supported. Haus Schöneberg has two places of work, the “Werkstatt Oevenum” and the “Haus Töft”.

The day group in the “Werkstatt Oevenum” is for people who cannot work in a conventional workshop for the disabled due to the severity of their disability. For this reason, Haus Schöneberg primarily offers an artistic approach by playing games or going for walks with the residents. In the fully stationary “Haus Töft”, people are cared for regardless of their faith or nationality. There are nine residential groups in this house, in which seven to nine people live together. These residential groups are cared for and supported by carers according to their individual needs.

Haus Schöneberg is located on the North Frisian island of Föhr in the north of Germany. The island attracts many tourists every year and is a popular holiday destination. Due to a regular ferry connection the mainland can always be reached quickly.

What you bring along

Applications from women are expressly welcomed and they will be given preferential treatment if they have the same aptitude and skills.

You will be working with

People with intellectual and multiple disabilities

Working languages



Boldixumer Straße 32B
Wyk auf Föhr

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