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Home away from home

A home away from home, the possibility for volunteers to arrive and feel secure, even if the new environment, culture and mentality in Germany are unfamiliar at first. This is something that probably all weltwärts South-North volunteers hope for. At SAGE Net e.V., the mentors, the office team and the contact persons in the volunteer placements work as hard as possible to ensure that these positive feelings can arise for the volunteers. However, none of this would be possible without our host families. 

Meet our volunteers who are looking for a host family from January 2022!

We benefit from each other!

The host families provide our volunteers with a room for the duration of their stay in Germany, offer help and advice in case of (initial) difficulties, allow the volunteers to experience everyday life in Germany and often become friends who stay in touch with them long after the volunteers’ stay.

To ensure that more volunteers can benefit from host families in the future and that the many positive experiences can be repeated, we are looking for host families for our new volunteers. If you can imagine this or know of families / households that you could recommend, please feel free to contact us or click here. In the next step, we will then create a small host family profile and send you further documents. Furthermore, it is our concern that the volunteers and you can get in touch as early as possible.

Support during the stay

By contacting the volunteer as a host family before they leave, both sides have the opportunity to get to know each other beforehand and can decide if it is a good fit for both of them. A volunteer stay at SAGE Net usually lasts 12 months, but you can also be a host family for a shorter period (at least 3 months). In any case, we will accompany you and the volunteer the whole time. If you have a spare room at home and are interested in international exchange, then take the opportunity and become a host family for a volunteer from South Africa! We are sure that it will be a very enriching time for both sides!


"The time with the volunteer was just great and we miss him right now. We were able to have incredibly interesting conversations with him or just laugh. Especially for our son as an only child, it was good to have something like an older "brother" or cousin in the house. The English teacher is still impressed by the language skills our son acquired during this time. In general, this completely different perspective - also on Germany and for us on South Africa - was fascinating. We can only recommend getting involved in such an exchange!"
Mrs Burger
Host mother
"For us and the children and young people here on site, it is not important where the people come from who get involved with us. What is important is that we find people who want to get involved in social work and who like to get involved with children and young people, and these are exactly the kind of people we have been able to welcome through the weltwärts South-North programme, and their involvement here has been a great benefit for everyone.
Evangelische Stiftung Arnsburg


Previous host families all speak of how the volunteers have enriched their everyday lives. They accompany a young person on his or her journey and experience the development first-hand. The host family helps the volunteer find their way around Germany and learns to see their own home country through new eyes. In our experience so far, younger family members in particular improve their English skills and the whole family can get to know new dishes and habits. At the end of the year, host family and volunteer look back on many beautiful and funny moments.

Former host families look back fondly on their time with a volunteer at home. Through volunteers, host families also get to know South Africa in a different light and embark on a year full of experiences with the volunteer. By living together, host family and volunteer, who would never have met under other circumstances, can meet on a very special level. They share everyday life, overcome difficulties together and celebrate their successes.

Knowledge of German is not required, but volunteers take part in a German crash course as part of their preparatory seminar in South Africa. After arriving in Germany, the volunteers start a language course lasting several months, which takes place outside working hours (at adult education centres or other language schools). All volunteers speak English as well as at least one of the local languages of South Africa.

As a rule, host families provide their board and lodging on a voluntary basis. If necessary, SAGE Net can support host families with a monthly household allowance of up to €150. The volunteers receive a monthly pocket money from SAGE Net, which they can use to finance their everyday life and leisure time.

Clear arrangements with the volunteer are recommended. Volunteers receive a monthly pocket money from SAGE Net.

We are looking for families to provide a warm home for a volunteer from South Africa for (at least) six months. Volunteers should be provided with their own room and bed. A good public transport connection to the volunteer’s place of work is an advantage. The most important thing for us is that you as a host family are open to the world and interested in mutual exchange. The volunteer should be integrated into the family’s everyday life as a (temporary) member, but also have enough space to withdraw (depending on their needs).

The volunteers come from different regions of South Africa, have distinguished themselves through social commitment and have successfully gone through a multi-stage application process. The volunteers are usually between their early and mid-twenties and are very motivated to complete a one-year voluntary service in Germany. In their placement sites in Germany, the volunteers usually have a 40-hour week.

As a host family, you always have the opportunity to contact the SAGE Net office, which coordinates the host family programme, with any questions or challenges. Shortly before the volunteers arrive, there is a (digital) introductory workshop for all host families, which mainly focuses on the concrete preparation. In addition, two interim meetings and a personal visit by the volunteer coordinator are planned.

Basically, SAGE Net takes care of all organisational and administrative matters (e.g. insurance) related to the volunteer service and is responsible for the pedagogical support of the volunteers. We are happy if you as host families make it easier for the volunteers to arrive in Germany and help them with minor questions and challenges. Nevertheless, you are not expected to be available for all the volunteers’ concerns. Volunteers can always contact SAGE Net directly. The mentoring programme also plays a very central role: all SAGE Net volunteers have mentors who provide on-site support.