In memory of Mama Mercy and Dave Golding

Saying goodbye

It is with sadness that we say goodbye to two long-time members of the SAGE Net Family who passed away last month: Host Mother Mokheko Mercy Ramodike and Dave Golding, who worked at Abalimi.

Mokheko Mercy Ramodike

Mama Mercy or Mama Meisi provided a home for volunteers in Atteridgeville for many years. In her role as host mother, we remember her loving approach. She created a home away from home. We are very grateful for her long-standing support of the weltwärts programme and her contribution to intercultural understanding.

Mama Mercy remains in my memory as a calm and smiling person. In the village and among many fellow people, she was a respected, wise woman with a great sense of community, with which she campaigned through many different channels. I wish her, wherever she is now, as secure and welcoming a home as she always provided for her many guests. Even if I only visited sometimes: Ke a leboga, Mama!
Henriette Bley
Volunteer 2018/19

Dave Golding

Dave got in touch with Abalimi in the 1980s. As a trained vegetable gardener, he showed great interest in sustainable agriculture. He has been a major influence on the philosophy of the organisation. The focus was always on organic farming techniques. He has passed on his knowledge to farmers from Cape Town and all over the world in several workshops. Dave is known for his dignified and caring approach to the community. Most recently, as Field Programme Manager, he has organised trainings and managed gardening projects in the townships.  

Unforgettable for me are the days when we went to the SCAGA project and worked in the garden. Whether it was raising the seedlings, planting, tending and harvesting the vegetables or maintaining the irrigation system, working with Dave was a lot of fun and I learned a lot.
Leander Lerch
Volunteer 2016/17

We remember Mama Mercy and Dave with gratitude.
May they rest in peace.

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