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Mama Jose

I am Dikeledi Josephine Dube, residing at 22 Mosalo Street, Atteridgeville.

I was born on the 24th of March 1958 and I am a retired teacher by profession. I am blessed with a daughter and  3 grandchildren. I started hosting students in 1997. The first ones were from Japan and the second one from America. Then I hosted from Germany until now. All the students call me Mama Jose.

Welcome to my home

I love children and my arms are always open. All races are welcome in my house. My home is filled with love and laughter. I respect them, trust them and we communicate openly. One thing that I have discovered hosting the German students is that they have love and respect. I give them rules when they arrive and they will obey the rules. My love has no colour and no gender. I love them like my own children or family. I give them shelter, protection, privacy, cook for them and do laundry for them. Sometimes we do chores together. I don’t want them to get hurt by anybody and I don’t want them to be homesick. I give them their freedom as long as they are responsible and accountable people.

All races are welcomed in my house. My love has no colour and no gender.

Our everyday life

When we go on trips I include them, no one is left behind. We share everything, good or bad. We share painful situations, our daily experiences and come jointly with positive solutions. I expose them to our South African beliefs and also our traditions. My family and the community also love them. They join me where ever I go weddings, funerals, before the Corona pandemic. We are always in doors as a family trying to bond. Their parents visit them at my place, I don’t have a problem. I take them to interesting places where ever I can. All of them who stayed at my home can tell how welcoming I am.


Supporting the volunteers

When I was still working I would take them to Makgatho School and come back with them until they get used to going alone. When they are sick I will go and fetch them and accompany them to the doctors. We greet one another good morning and good night. When I am sick they are also there for me. Sometimes they will come to my bedroom in the evening and we talk about anything. When they come we are so happy but when they go we cry not wanting them to go back home to Germany. They call us almost every month just to be connected and to express how we miss each other. Some of their parents will also call me to hear how I am doing. I love them so much. My home is a very clean environment.


Some students even come on their own to visit me to show that we are a BIG family. I feel so overwhelmed to write the experience that I am having hosting SAGE Net’s students.

Thank you.

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