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Pedagogical project

The “Strander Möwe” is a kindergarten for children from the age of 3 until the start of school.

Day nurseries

In German day care centres, children are cared for in a pedagogical way and prepared for school entry. Here, motor skills are trained, but above all they are played as part of a group.

What you can expect

In the KiTa Strander Möwe there are always two SAGE Net volunteers. As a volunteer you support the teachers in looking after the children and accompany them on their daily excursions. In the rooms you can do handicrafts, make music or cook together with the children and learn a lot from them. You will also help with the preparation of the meals.

About the project

The Strander Möwe day nursery is a kindergarten that is attended by children between 3 and 6 years of age and which accompanies a total of three groups of children. Two of these groups spend most of their time on site at the nursery, while the third group spends most of their time in nature, more precisely on the beach.

The day care centre is located in the north of Germany, in a small village called Strande. Strande is a few minutes away from Dänischenhagen and about 45 minutes from the city centre of Kiel by bus.

The children in the day care centre are used to bilingual education and therefore the volunteers speak to the children mainly in English, supported by facial expressions and gestures to make understanding even easier. The Strander Möwe day care centre accommodates up to two weltwärts volunteers at the same time.

The Strander Möwe has made it its mission to treat every child and their families equally and with respect, regardless of cultural background, gender, age, nationality, religion, ideology, physical limitations and sexual orientation. The nursery strives for diversity and considers it a special good. Children are supported here in their individual development and on their way to an independent life.

What you bring along

You will be working with

Open-minded children who want to benefit from a bilingual and open-minded education in a diverse group

Working languages



Zum Mühlenteich 1a

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Working as a volunteer at the Strande Mörwe day care centre helped me to understand German social and work culture from its neutral basis. I adapted and learned a lot from it by teaching the children what I knew and was taught by them.
Bliss Maseko
South-North-volunteer 2019/20

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