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Pedagogical project

The Krippe Sonnenschein is a crèche for small children aged 0 to 3 years.



In Germany there are facilities that children from infancy onwards can attend all day. There they receive age-appropriate meals and educational activities for early childhood development.

What you can expect

As a volunteer you will support the teachers in caring for the children. In addition, you can plan and implement your own small projects for leisure activities, as well as accompany excursions and trips. Furthermore, you help to prepare meals for the children.

About the project

The Krippe Sonnenschein is a crèche for the youngest and smallest children aged between 1 and 3 years. There are three groups of children in total. The children experience the bilingual life right from the start. The volunteers will communicate with the children mainly in English, using facial expressions and gestures to make communication even easier.

The crèche is located in Dänischenhagen, a small village near Strande and about 45 minutes by bus from the city centre of Kiel. Kiel is a city in the north of Germany.

The Krippe Sonnenschein is committed to treating every child and their families equally and with respect, regardless of cultural background, gender, age, nationality, religion, ideology, physical limitations and sexual orientation. The nursery strives for diversity and considers it a special good. Children are supported here in their individual development and on their way to an independent life.

What you bring along

You will be working with

Young children and their families who are looking for a cosmopolitan and bilingual education

Working languages



Schulstraße 46

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Gaining new experiences, establishing and strengthening existing contacts, networks would be my highlight. learning a new national recognized language and chance to gain new insights, working ethics to childcare workplace from abroad would be a bonus to me both on personal and professional context.
Lukhanyo Kwepile
Süd-Nord-Freiwilliger 2018/19

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