Masifunde: Corona Update

Masifunde throughout Corona

impressions from the project

Support during the pandemic

In March 2020 South Africa went into the first hard lockdown. During this lockdown, Masifunde  transformed from the class-room setting in to the remote space.

New methods were established to support the learners and their families. The team produced educational and stimulating TV shows for primary school children – from their own living rooms. The so called “QuaranTV” was used to continue the Learn4Life! Project work of Masifunde and work together with the learners as much as possible.

Masifunde also developed a magazine with activities and content for all age groups, from pre-school age to young adults. The magazines were handed out together with food parcels.

According to the pandemic a lot of families were no longer able to provide enough food.  Masifunde startet supporting thosen families with food parcels. The parcels included basic foods, the magazines and learning materials, to keep the learners busy.  In total more than 12.000
food parcels were handed out to families all over the city.

The new normal

The new normal is still a careful way of implementing the programmes.
Distance is kept and everybody wears a mask. But the learners and teachers are ack in the class rooms. Masifunde also still produces videos for the virtual space and for TV. This newly acquired skills are used to get the messages out to as many people as

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