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SAGE Net Family

Our network also includes all volunteers, alumni and alumni, staff, donors and partner organisations. We all make an individual contribution and are organized in Working Groups (WGs) to the further development of the organisation and to strengthening this network! This is why call ourselves the “SAGE Net – Family”!


The Communications WG deals with the area of public relations. This includes the website, social media and a regular newsletter.

Contact person for social media: Leonie Zondler

Contact person for the website: Rhea Schönherr

WG Fundraising

The Fundraising WG is responsible for collecting donations. Small projects are planned for this purpose.

Contact person: Jacob Birkenhäger

The South North WG is working on further improving the exchange, attracting new mentors and partners and strengthening the network.

Contact person: Finn Klebe

WG New Footholds

The New Footholds WG works on the further development of our network. New projects are discussed and organised here.

Contact person: Werner Müller Hirschfeld

You would like to become a part of our network?

Get involved in our workshops or become an active member of the association. All you have to do is fill out the application form!

We look forward to your cooperation!