New footholds and structures

An insight into the extensive activities

SAGE-Net would like to continue to be an association with a wide range of activities and offers in the future – the working group “New footholds” has made it its task, in addition to coordinating the voluntary service through the “weltwärts” programme, to bring various other encounter projects to life and thus offer a platform for the diversity of intercultural exchange between Germany and South Africa. The working group is currently working on the following projects:

Intensifying cooperation with educational institutions

SAGE Net wants to expand the already existing cooperation with educational institutions. In the higher education sector, offers are currently being made for project work, which students can work on within the framework of specific modules. In the future, students will also be able to use our network and gain their own intercultural experience.

Furthermore, we coordinate school partnerships under the motto “Meet a German – Meet a South African”. The project started with the ENSA school partnership. In the future, we want to connect students again and give them the opportunity to broaden their own horizons.


SAGE-Net’s presence in the two start-up centres Cape Town and Berlin is an ideal way to promote and expand the exchange between founders in both countries. We are currently looking at how different projects, such as education and exchange programmes, mentoring, conferences and others, can be used for this purpose.

Future offer of educational trips

In cooperation with local partners in South Africa, a travel offer is being designed with the aim of getting to know various partner projects of SAGE-Net and their work and activities on the ground.

Do you want to join in? You want to support our association in finding new footholds? You are more than welcome!

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