Our new volunteers: Voluntary Service in South Africa

Savannah, North South volunteer

From September 2021 I will be a volunteer at SAGE Net. Actually, I would have already been in my project, the Makgatho Primary School, in South Africa. Due to the Corona pandemic, I have to be patient for a bit. Despite the circumstances, I have decided to become active right now. I am currently an intern at SAGE Net and am involved in the communications working group.

Our volunteers

Despite the postponed departure of volunteers, some have decided to accept their volunteer status already.

In addition, six volunteers are currently supporting our working groups in the form of an internship. Thereby they can try themselves in fundraising, public relations, web design and project management. We are happy about the fresh input that new faces bring to our WG work.

In the process, the volunteers already learn what it means to be part of our network and the SAGE Net Family.

Soon it will start again!

The departure of our new volunteers is now going into final planning. At the beginning of October our preparation seminar will take place. This is where the volunteers will meet for the first time. Here we prepare the volunteers for their departure. But most of all we learn from each other and spend some nice days together.

We are very happy that we can finally send volunteers again and look forward to the seminar full of anticipation!

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