Our SAGE Net weltwärts team is growing!

The new project coordination team

Since the first of October 2022, our team in weltwärts coordination has changed. We introduce:

Carina Dürrschmied

Since September Carina has taken over the position as program coordinator at SAGE Net. In the past years she was involved in an exchange organization on the regional and European level in her spare time. She lived in the USA, South Africa and Peru.

She completed her master’s degree in democracy and governance in 2021. Carina then completed further training as a Coordinator in International Project Management.

Anne-Sophie Rink

From October 2022, Anne-Sophie will share the position of South-North Coordinator with Isabelle. South-North volunteer services have been a topic close to Anne-Sophie’s heart since she co-founded the association “Zugvögel – Grenzen überwinden e.V.” in 2012, after her weltwärts year in Rwanda. The Zugvögel were one of the first associations to organize South-North volunteer services. Anne-Sophie is particularly interested in the global context in which such volunteer services take place and does political education work on issues around postcolonialism, racism, and freedom of movement.

From 2019 to 2020, Anne-Sophie has already spent two years as South-North Coordinator at SAGE Net’s Berlin office. She studied political science and Middle East studies and also works at the Türkischer Bund in Berlin-Brandenburg e.V.

We welcome Carina and Anne-Sophie as part of the SAGE Net family and look forward to working with them!

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