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Partners and Memberships

An important part of our network are the social partnerships that we have been cultivating for years. Within Germany we work together with various associations and initiatives. Get to know our partners and visit their websites.

Our memberships

JiVE is a youth policy initiative which works together with the Fachstelle für Internationale Jugendarbeit (Department for International Youth Work) of the Federal Republic of Germany and JUGEND für Europa on the integration of people of different origins. Within the framework of this, educational offers of various kinds are developed with a focus on international youth work.

The Paritätische Wohlfahrtsverband is one of the six central associations of the Freie Wohlfahrtspflege in the Federal Republic of Germany. It is thus committed to equal opportunities and the fundamental rights of all people. It is the umbrella organisation for more than 10,000 independent organisations, institutions and groups in the social and health sectors.

The Southern African weltwärts Network – SAwN was founded in 2014 at the weltwärts partnership conference in Port Elizabeth to provide partner organisations with direct links and communication with the weltwärts steering committee in Germany.

Thus, volunteers from both countries are supported and promoted.
The SAwN facilitates active exchange and organises numerous online workshops.

Ventao is a quality and interest association of supporting organisations in the weltwärts programme. The association is committed to maintaining the quality of voluntary services, taking into account the plurality of the individual member organisations. Since the foundation of Ventao in 2013, 34 member organisations from all over Germany have joined, sending up to 600 volunteers annually.


Our partners

The ASA programme offers the possibility to get a three-month partial scholarship at SAGE Net in South Africa. On site a project on a specific topic is carried out, which brings global connections closer to the participants. The programme is mainly aimed at young professionals or students between 21 and 30 years of age. The ASA programme has been initiated for over 50 years by Engagement Global

Brücke Rendsburg-Eckernförde is a network of social initiatives, projects and organisations that promote mental health with their projects. The non-profit association offers a wide range of services in the areas of child, youth and family support, assistance for people with disabilities, social psychiatry and addiction support, care and health, work, employment and qualification.


Masifunde Learner Developmment NPC is a public benefit organisation with over 15 years of experience. Masifunde’s renders services in Walmer Township, Port Elizabeth, including high-quality programmes for learners from three to 35 years of age. Their approach is always centered around the individual – for all age groups. The interventions are holistic, trying to take into account all aspects of the children and youth in our programmes: home and social environment, different forms of education, personal growth and individual talents and interests. In South Africa a team of 40 young professionals is implementing the programmes, in Germany the organisation is run by volunteers on honorary basis. Masifunde hosts weltwärts volunteers for more than 10 year.

The weltwärts Voluntary Service gives young people aged 18 to 28 the opportunity to get involved in a development project over a period of 12 to 24 months. Each volunteer is prepared for the assignment abroad by the sending organisation and is accompanied during the whole period of the voluntary service year. In 2013, the South-North component was introduced, which also enables volunteers from the project countries to complete a funded voluntary service in Germany.


The Christian-Wilhelm-Schneider-School is a regional support centre in Esens. With the help of a broadly based college, the school creates a place where people can learn with and from each other and have a contact person at their side for every everyday situation.


The Nordberliner Werkgemeinschaft is a recognised workshop for people with disabilities with locations in the north and east of Berlin. For this purpose, the daily and weekly structure is organised through various group activities and individual support offers, which gives participants security in everyday life and promotes social competence within the group.

Last but not least, the South African Embassy in the Federal Republic of Germany is one of our most important partners, which handles the visa applications of our volunteers every year and thus makes their departure possible in the first place. Furthermore, the embassies offer seminars for the volunteers and a network of volunteers from other organisations in the host country where the volunteers are trained.


The BMZ develops the guidelines and concepts of German development policy. It determines the long-term strategies for cooperation with the various actors and defines the rules for their implementation. This basic work is then used to develop joint projects with the partner countries of German development cooperation. In addition, the BMZ has been initiating and financing the weltwärts voluntary service for over 10 years.


The Evangelische Stiftung Arnsburg in Lich is dedicated to the education, care, support and training of children, adolescents and young adults of all origins and religious affiliations and supports their individual development as well as family togetherness. The foundation also trains specialists for youth work and shows new perspectives.


The Nelson Mandela School in Berlin is a bilingual all-day school from Year 1 to the end of the upper secondary school. As an international and UNESCO project school, the school offers its students different facets of life in this world. In this context, the Nelson Mandela School, according to its namesake, takes a very special place in the concerns of the African continent and South Africa in particular, which is manifested in many different ways both in its teaching and beyond.


The comprehensive school “Bonn’s Fünfte” is, as the name already describes, the fifth comprehensive school founded in Bonn. However, it is no ordinary comprehensive school, but pursues a certain vision. Special support is to be provided there for the school’s integration into the district, intercultural learning, and the conscious integration of pupils with disabilities.

Haus Schöneberg, located on the North Sea island of Föhr, is part of the Paritätischer Wohlfahrtverband. The institution offers a home for adults with intellectual disabilities. Under the umbrella of Haus Schöneberg, tailored and needs-based forms of housing and care are offered for people with disabilities as part of the integration assistance. Under the motto “Together – and still me”, different people live here and master their everyday lives together.

As a One World City, the city of Cologne is committed to sustainable development and the reduction of poverty and tyranny. In addition, the city has numerous town twinning arrangements with cities all over the world.


Since 1987, transfer has been a recognised provider of independent child and youth welfare services and is active above all in the field of counselling and qualification. This includes the networking of those involved in youth and educational work. The services are primarily aimed at institutions and specialists from the fields of school and university, children and youth travel, international youth work and municipal and association youth work.


Essential for us are our partner projects and outreach centres in Germany and South Africa, with which we have been working for years and which accept volunteers every year.