Postponement of the weltwärts departure

Dear SAGE Net volunteers,

The departure of the weltwärts volunteer service depends on various factors. Despite the current low numbers in Germany, we inform you about the postponement of your departure.

Here you can find all background information.


Before the volunteers leave, SAGE Net needs about 3-4 months’ notice. During this time, weltwärts carries out health and safety checks. Furthermore, the volunteers apply for their visas and SAGE Net books flights. The security check can only be granted if the travel warning has been lifted. If leaving in mid-September, SAGE Net needs a lifted travel warning by the end of June. However, this has not occurred.

At the same time, South Africa is currently in the 3rd wave of the Corona pandemic. Not all of the vaccines used in Germany reliably protect against the South African variant of the virus. Only when larger parts of the population in both countries have been vaccinated, we predict, will the German government relax its travel regulations. SAGE Net assumes that this will only be the case towards the end of the year and that we will only be able to prepare your departure then.

Voluntary service in Germany

SAGE Net wants to avoid the disappointment of false hopes. For this reason, we plan your voluntary service in Germany from September onwards. This way, we can offer you a programme that is as transparent as possible.  

If the travel warning is lifted earlier, we will of course react immediately and let you know! As an association, it is important to us that the exchange between Germany and South Africa can be intensified as soon as possible.

Preparation seminar

With the departure, the preparatory seminar is also postponed. It will now take place from 8.10.21 – 15.10.21.  In addition, we are planning 3 days of digital preparation in autumn. We will be happy to design the seminar plan together with you. You can already inform yourselves and educate yourselves. Please use our collection: Books and more.

Nevertheless, you can officially start your voluntary service at the scheduled time, i.e. in September. Because your departure will be delayed due to the Covid 19 pandemic, weltwärts offers you the possibility to start your service in Germany in the interim period until your departure. This voluntary service in Germany is limited by weltwärts to a maximum of 6 months, so that you can still work in South Africa for at least 6 months.

You are allowed to have a part-time job during your voluntary service in Germany, i.e. work up to 20 hours per week on the side. The condition is that you are still mainly active as a volunteer.

One of the formalities of weltwärts is that you spend 20 hours per week on activities that are related to the Sustainable Development Goals or have a development policy focus. Furthermore, you have to write a report about your activities every 3 months. Please contact us with your ideas and we will clarify all formalities.

During your voluntary service in Germany, you will receive a monthly pocket money of 100€. We will also certify your volunteer status. This means that if you are under 25 years old, you will continue to receive your child benefit.

Do you want to get involved with SAGE Net? You are very welcome!

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