Preparation for Germany: seminar 2022

The South North programme continues!

We are happy to announce that our South-North program is starting into the next round!
Due to the Corona pandemic and the related travel restrictions, it was not possible for us to receive South African volunteers in Germany for a long time.
The South-North preparation seminar for volunteers from South Africa coming to Germany took place from January 29 to February 3, 2022 in Observatory, Cape Town. We are happy to share some impressions of the seminar with you!

Learning together

Our three volunteers are Pathuxolo Ndzimande from Pretoria, Thulani Ngomane from Nelspruit and Themba Gwegweni from Cape Town. The six-day seminar was the first since 2019, due to the Corona Pandemic, which brought many travel restrictions and caused a two-year backlog in the South-North program. Some of the topics covered during the seminar were German history, cultural awareness, diversity, culture shock, coping skills, and being a South African ambassador.

An eventful week

Our mentor Thomas from Cape Town was also on site at the seminar. Together the volunteers spent an eventful week and got to know each other. Afterwards, the visa applications were initiated.

Full of anticipation we all, the team in Berlin and Cape Town, the projects and especially our volunteers, look forward to the departure and the volunteer service.

The South-North volunteers are expected to arrive in Germany before April 2022.

Full of anticipation we expect our volunteers soon in Germany!

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