Preparation of the voluntary service: Seminar 2021

The first days

A pinch of self-reflection, a cup full of fun, a teaspoon of information, and most importantly, stir it all together with a lot of passion – you have the recipe for a SAGE-Net preparation seminar!

Excited and full of expectations, we arrived at the Vogtschen Hof (our home for the next seven days) around noon. Of course, you can’t make a calculation without the Deutsche Bahn, so it took a little while until everyone had arrived…

Important visitors

After a good meal and a few games to get to know each other, there was a short preview of the coming week. After that, we could jump on the coveted ping pong tables and foosball!

In the following days we had a lot of visitors. From the alumni of the last years, Jacob from the board, Mthe from South Africa and representatives of AIDS-Hilfe Kassel and Dr.Walter Versicherungen.

In a mixture of exciting workshops and lectures, we dealt with a wide variety of topics.

An eventful week

Jacob and Leonie explained us the background of SAGE Net and the Weltwärts program, but also organizational things about Corona and the visa application.

Together with the alumni and their experiences we could get a first impression of the life of a volunteer in South Africa. In this course we also found space to share and discuss our fears and expectations.

So the seven days, in which we learned a lot and grew together, went by very quickly.

Full of anticipation for our next meeting, at the airport, we gradually started our journey home.

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