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Dear members, dear alumni, dear SAGE Net enthusiasts,

We are very happy to finally invite you to another SAGE Net seminar weekend. This weekend will be about feminist development politics in combination with “partnership at eye level”. From May 5 to 7 we would like to meet at the beautiful Wannensee in Berlin to spend a weekend together with exciting speakers from politics and science.

What questions do we ask ourselves?

Contents of the seminar weekend

We would like to focus our exchange very specifically on a current and challenging topic that poses many challenges for a partnership at eye level, but also offers potential – especially in German-South African cooperation: the importance of feminist development policy for shaping German-South African exchange at eye level. In its coalition agreement of 2021-25, the German government has declared its support for a feminist foreign and development policy. A strategy for this is currently being developed and civil society and government actors are being consulted. The strategy is to be presented in spring 2023 and subsequently implemented by all state and civil society actors. Gender equality and justice are at the heart of feminist development cooperation. This requires not only the advancement of women but also that we critically address issues of access to and assertion of power in our societies. This is a very good example of how Germany wants to address the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (or SDGs). In addition to SDG 5 (gender equality), the German government also addresses many other SDGs and principles of the 2030 Agenda through feminist development cooperation, including SDG 17, which aims to create global partnerships at eye level.


Please register by Thursday, 06.04.2023, by email on our office email

If you would like to book a bed in a 4-bed room with full board at the youth hostel, please do so independently via their website. If you quote the contract number (520-8067975), the costs for this will be added to our invoice and thus covered by us. If you wish to book a double or single occupancy please contact us directly BEFORE booking. The availability is very limited and the additional costs of 5€ or 12€ per night have to be paid by yourself.

The participation fee is 35€.

Travel costs will be covered up to 130,00€ for round trip together.

We are looking forward to seeing you!

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