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After months of work, the time has finally come! We are very happy to present you a new project.

The first episode of the SAGEcast is online and can be streamed on Spotify and!

A new platform

In July 2021, we began planning our podcast. While the departure of the South-North volunteers was delayed due to the Corona Pandemic, we wanted to give the South-North volunteers a platform. Chris joined us at the end of 2021. Chris is a SAGE Net Alumni himself and already has experience in podcasting through his own projects. Thus, the first conversations could be held soon.

In the SAGEcast we want to give people a platform. We accompany our South North volunteers in their development and hear about their experiences. In the future, the podcast will also offer space to grow and report on any topic related to South Africa or Germany.

The SAGEcast is a project of the Fundraising working group. The podcast is hosted by Chris, himself a passionate podcaster and former SAGE Net volunteer.

The first episode

In the first SAGEcast episode, Bliss joins us as a guest. Bliss is a SAGE Net alumni himself. He was a volunteer at Kita Strander Möwe in Strande in 2019/20. Bliss has also been a board member of the Board of Directors in South Africa since September 2021.

In the SAGEcast, Bliss talks about his experiences, impressions and developments in as a volunteer in Germany and about his multifaceted engagement.

Have fun listening!

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