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Health project

CMHS has three centres for children with mental and physical disabilities. Volunteer placements are offered in two of them.

Focus on individual abilities

The Special Care Centres aim to meet the children and youth at their respective levels of development and their individual abilities, to support them and teach them practical life skills. The overall goal is to increase acceptance of people with mental and physical disabilities and to create a broader awareness of the issue.

What you can expect

As a volunteer, you will take care of the children together with your colleagues. There are no limits to your creativity and many things are possible, from singing and painting together, to sensory activities with water or modelling clay, to relaxed reading aloud or going for a walk in the buggy. As volunteers in the CMH projects, we were invited to several official events or asked if we would like to help and were thus able to exchange ideas with other staff members, get a taste of the organisation and also gain experience outside of the project.

About the project

What you bring along

You will be working with

Children with mental and/or physical disabilities

Working languages



18 & 22 Ivy St, Observatory Cape Town, South Africa

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I really enjoyed working there! The team welcomes you warmly and is looking forward to the exchange with you. You will not be overwhelmed, but you can do as many tasks as you dare or you can freely practice new things with the kids or integrate them into the daily routine.
Anna Wittwer
North-South-volunteer 2017/18
In the Special Care Centre I was able to experience how important even the smallest activity with the children can be for their development. Through daily exercises a lot could be achieved even with severely handicapped children.
Matthias Christians
North-South-volunteer 2017/18

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