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Equal exchange!

weltwärts stands for equal exchange between North and South. Since 2013, South Africans have been able to complete their voluntary service in Germany as SAGE Net volunteers. They work for a non-profit institution in various areas. These include education, health, environment and culture.

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The focus of weltwärts is on learning together and intercultural exchange.

The volunteer service is organised by German organisations and their partner organisations. As a volunteer, you are assigned to Germany for one year and receive flight, accommodation, food, insurance and pocket money. In addition, seminars are offered before departure, during the assignment and after your return.

During your time in Germany, you will support a local non-profit project and work in a team for the community. You will meet many new people that you probably would never have met without weltwärts. You will hear their stories and learn to see the world from a completely different perspective. In a new environment and with new tasks, you will gain important experiences that are valuable for you personally, your future work and your social commitment. In addition, local contact persons will accompany you and support you in all phases of your voluntary service.

In addition to the travel costs for the volunteers, the weltwärts programme also covers the costs for accommodation and meals as well as a monthly pocket money. If the volunteer uses public transport for their daily commute to the assignment location, they will receive a ticket or reimbursement. Vaccinations required by the assignment location are also covered. It is also possible to apply for funding for additional inclusion needs, for example if you have an impairment or disability and need special medical aids or a personal assistant for everyday life, these costs will also be covered.

How is the South North Programme funded?

The weltwärts programme is 75% funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development.

The remaining 25% is obtained through donations. These donations are used for language courses and for the mentors on site, most of whom work on a voluntary basis.

For the preservation of our SOUTH-NORTH PROGRAMME and the sustainable intercultural exchange, we are looking for YOU! Support our South-North volunteers with your donation and enable young South Africans to broaden their horizons in the future.