The South North volunteers are here: weltwärts 2022


On the first of April we could finally pick up our South North volunteers at the airport. For Thulani, Themba and Prince the orientation days started in Frankfurt am Main. On the agenda was a tour through Frankfurt, as well as important information about their voluntary service. But most of all we want to give our volunteers a good start and welcome them with joy.

Arriving in Germany

Throughout the weekend, they were to learn everything about German peculiarities. From road traffic, to hiking boots, to cell phone rates. Our new South North coordinator Isa was allowed to take over most of these tasks. It certainly helped her that two of our volunteers already knew a lot about the German way of life from previous visits and school exchanges. Despite this, there were of course many questions and exciting topics for them.  

Support through the alumni

At the end, there was the highlight with an alumni session. As with almost every seminar, the exchange with former German volunteers was really good. We hope that Thulani, Themba and Prince will now start their volunteer service in Germany stronger than before. At noon on Sunday, it was time to say goodbye again and send them off to their host cities. At least until the next intermediate seminar in summer.

We keep our fingers crossed for a successful start in Kiel and Lich!

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