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Education project

The Village Scribe Association introduces students to social networking while they work on various larger projects. The topics range from health and culture to social engagement.

Computer Labs

A computer with internet access that helps you with many small things – for many probably everyday life, but not everywhere in South Africa. The Village Scribe Association in Makhanda has set itself the task of supporting the community in Joza Township with technical resources through computer rooms, thus giving them future prospects.

What you can expect

As a volunteer you will teach small groups and plan and carry out projects on your own. Your personal interests play a role, but every project is subject to digital work. You can also volunteer in social media marketing and fundraising, website maintenance and blogging to improve your own skills.

About the project

The Village Scribe Association is a non-profit association to promote IT skills for underprivileged students. In the “Joza Youth Hub” community centre, two freely accessible computer rooms offer various workshops, homework supervision and free time at the computers. The aim is to convey the joy of learning, to strengthen media competence and the social development of the people involved in the project.

A computer room (“Open Lab”) is available for the community to use freely throughout the project and is used primarily by younger children to play learning games or by adults to find jobs and write applications. The second computer room (“Learning Lab”) is reserved for grammar school pupils who work on their homework there and once a day lessons are held there with a fixed learning group (“core group”). The volunteers’ task is to conduct weekly workshops in the computer rooms with these groups of grammar school pupils. In these workshops, school-relevant topics are repeated and taken up in a playful way with the help of computers, the Internet and the like. In addition, the volunteers can also start their own projects in the community centre, depending on their own interests. Values such as social responsibility, cultural interest and respect for other cultures are to be conveyed. The development of personality and personal commitment to the community are also a focus.

What you bring along

You will be working with

Students from 10 to 18 years, as well as members of the community

Working languages



Cnr Ncame and Sani Street

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Our volunteers engaged well with our learners which made it easy for them to work well with learners and the staff. The addition of diversity is an added bonus because both the staff and volunteers learnt a lot from each other.
Zintle Vambe
Project trainee 2020
Every day new impressions, new experiences, new challenges and many wonderful people who have made a lasting impression and inspired me with their stories. Students from the simplest of backgrounds with very big dreams that may seem unreachable to outsiders, but for whom hard work is still done every day and who never give up hope and faith. ENKOSI KAKHULU!
Paula Lambeck
North-South-volunteer 2019/20

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