Voluntary Service in Germany: Options

Dear SAGE Net volunteers,

Despite the postponement of your departure, you can still start your voluntary service in Germany. We offer several options.

1. Digital voluntary service with projects in South Africa

Some of our partner organisations in South Africa have the technical and human resources, as well as the corresponding tasks, so that you can start working directly on a South African project at the beginning of your service. This means that you will already be active in the home office.

As part of this opportunity, there are regular digital meetings. Here we discuss work results. We also work with a work plan and look for the right tasks in the respective project together with you.

2. Voluntary service with SAGE Net

We are pleased to offer you the opportunity to do voluntary service in Germany at SAGE Net. Depending on your preferences, you can get involved in different working groups and also take on your own projects after a successful induction. There is definitely enough to do!

The Communications working group deals with the area of public relations. This includes the website, social media and a regular newsletter.

In the communication group you can bring in your own topics and learn how to present them to the public. There are no limits. How about your own SAGE Net podcast, for example, or organising a series of lectures with exciting speakers?

New footholds working group

The working group “New pillars” works on the further development of our network. New cooperations and projects are planned here.

This working group also includes, for example, the programme “Meet a South African – Meet a German“. The aim is to connect school classes in Germany and South Africa and to give digital presentations about Germany in South African schools. You could take part in the pilot phase and conduct your own digital workshops with South African kids.

The South North working group works to improve the exchange from South Africa to Germany, to recruit new mentors, host families and partners and to strengthen the network.

Fundraising working group

The Fundraising working group is responsible for collecting donations. Creative and sustainable projects are planned for this purpose.

For example, some alumni designed a calendar last year. The release of our merchandising is also a fundraising initiative.

3. Internship from September

Independently of SAGE Net, you have the possibility to work for another non-profit organisation. An internship is also possible if it is related to your weltwärts service or the Sustainable Development Goals or takes place in a non-profit organisation. For example, an internship in a school would also be possible. For our partners in South Africa, it is especially helpful if you gain experience in the subject area in which you are working in South Africa. We are happy to support you in your search for an internship.

Apart from the work in the workshops, you can also do an internship in the SAGE Net office. Here you can get to know different processes, give us administrative support and experience the association from the inside out.

4. On hold until departure

If you do not want to start your voluntary service before leaving the country, but would rather work or study full-time, this is also possible. This means that you wait until you leave the country and then receive volunteer status when you leave the country. What you do with the waiting time until your expected departure in January is your own responsibility.  This shortens your volunteer service overall. You will not receive a full year’s certificate. In addition, you will not receive pocket money.

5. Resignation from the programme

Of course, you have the option to withdraw from the programme at any time. If it makes you feel better not to plan South Africa at all in 2021/22 and perhaps consider volunteering again at a later point in your life (up to the age of 28), our doors are always open to you!

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