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Voluntary service in Germany

What is weltwärts?

With the weltwärts volunteer service, you can spend twelve months in a placement in Germany, for example in the areas of education, health, environment, culture or sports. The focus of weltwärts is on learning together and intercultural exchange.

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Step by step: weltwärts in Germany


A compulsory part of the voluntary service is the preparatory seminar, which covers topics that prepare you for your stay. As weltwärts is a developmental volunteer service, you should educate yourself about political world events. We collect (book) recommendations from our volunteers and have linked them HERE.

SAGE Net will draw up a contract for you and take care of your insurance and accommodation. Through BMZ finances, your return flight will be booked for you and you will receive a monthly allowance. Before leaving the country, the visa application will be discussed with you in detail and you will be provided with all the necessary documents. In Germany, you will have a mentor at your side who you can contact at any time and who will work closely with the volunteers. In addition, you will receive language lessons. Furthermore, SAGE Net organises a preparation, interim and follow-up seminar.

Weltwärts is a voluntary service funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development. The BMZ covers 75% of the costs for each volunteer. The remaining 25% is paid by the volunteer organisations or in the form of donations. In order to be able to collect these donations, SAGE Net organises various projects in which you can get involved before you leave. Just take a look at our current campaigns or get involved in a working group!

During your time in Germany, you will support a local non-profit project and work in a team. You will meet many new people that you probably would never have met without weltwärts. You will hear their stories and learn to see the world from a completely different perspective. In a new environment and with new tasks, you will gain important experiences that are valuable for you personally, your future work and your social commitment. In addition, local contact persons will accompany you and support you in all phases of your voluntary service.