We need: Accommodation for volunteers from South Africa 2023

Volunteer service 2023

We are once again looking for accommodation for our new volunteers from South Africa.


It’s that time again! We have filled the positions for the volunteer service in Germany for the next year. Now we are busy planning the entry of our volunteers. We need your help. The format is as always flexible – whether host family, WG room or iegen apartment. The main thing is to find a nice new home for the volunteers.

Where and When?

We are looking for accommodation from the end of August/beginning of September. If you have something to offer or know someone, please contact us. Also with other hints, ideas, or if you want to join us, we are looking forward to a message from you.

Please send your messges to isabelle.gewiese@sage-net.org

What regions (number of people) are we talking about now?

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