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Dear SAGE Nettis,

SAGE Net wants to become more present in the digital world. For this purpose, we have founded a new working group in which we dedicate ourselves to the area of “public relations” – the topics and tasks are numerous and varied – from creating editorial plans, writing our own texts and field reports, the further development and maintenance of our website to the development of new formats for Instagram and the like, everything is included!


Despite the despondent situation that befell us as volunteers in March 2020, some of us were able to draw motivation and thus we dedicated ourselves to a new project: the new SAGE Net website. There was a lot to do and, above all, to learn in different areas. This includes writing new texts, analysis and structure, as well as web design. With a new website we want to strengthen the reach and network of SAGE Net and improve our online presence. With a combined effort, our new website went live in December 2020. Since then, we have been constantly working on further development and new projects. With our regular blogposts, we keep our network and all visitors to the website up to date and strengthen intercultural exchange. 

We are currently drawing up an editorial plan that will serve many formats and that you can contribute to. 

Social Media

We have also taken on the social media channels. Previously, these were rarely used. Our goal is to rebuild SAGE Net’s social media presence. A lot has happened since then.

What started as an emergency job is now a well-structured team.
Milena Schwotzer
Social Media Team

We post regularly on certain days of the week and have developed formats that report on SAGE Net. What drives us is the goal of more understanding and cultural exchange on both sides. Objective content is just as important as the subjective experiences of individuals. For us as a team, this is a good opportunity to continue working on development issues after the weltwärts service. In the social media team, we create content and give individuals a platform. With the help of an editorial plan, the posts are planned. Once everything is in the right layout, the finished post is proofread, corrected and finally posted.

Do you want to join in? You want to try out and gain experience in the areas of social media editing, website presence, newsletters and so on? You are more than welcome!

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