About Us

We are SAGE Net.

The South African German Network is a platform of South African and German organisations. This includes associations, companies, federations, authorities and individual members who are committed to and involved in sustainable and social development in both countries.

Our vision

We are committed to long-term contact and sustainable exchange between Germany and South Africa. The constructive cooperation of different organisations from both countries results in a dialogue with each other, which we could not achieve as individual organisations.

Our focus is the intercultural exchange of both countries, which allows us to learn from each other and connects people. In this way we contribute to global learning.

Our History

As early as 1997, the “Project Group South Africa” was founded, whose members belonged to a variety of organisations and were engaged full-time in various fields of educational work. This brought together people with exchange experience who, based on their personal ties to South Africa, wanted to promote the vision of lasting cooperation between South Africa and Germany.

At the same time “SAGE Net South Africa” was founded as a non-profit organisation in South Africa. Already at the first meetings the advantage of this interdisciplinary pooling of resources became apparent, so that within a few months the first South African colleagues were picked up from the airport. Due to the synergy effect that quickly became apparent, various projects were launched in both countries as early as 1998, which were designed for a wide range of target groups and are still active today in various forms.

Due to the constant cooperation of numerous partners, the organisation expanded very quickly and continuously.
In the course of this and in order to increase the possibilities and the range of the network, the South African German Network e.V. was finally founded as an association in spring 2004. Based in Berlin and Cape Town, the association is active in both countries.

Since 2008, SAGE Net has been working mainly with weltwärts on sending German volunteers and since 2013, with the introduction of the South-North component, also on the voluntary service for South Africans in Germany.

Our Cooperation

The participating organisations drive their different projects individually, but thanks to the common platform they have been able to show successes in recent years that they would not have achieved as individual organisations. These include scientific support, recourse to extended contact networks and the development of contacts. As a transnational association, we work on our intercultural communication and the representation of both countries with each other.

At regular meetings of representatives from Germany and South Africa, we reflect on the exchange processes, develop new projects together, coordinate joint public relations work and thus advance the network structure.

Because we see ourselves as ONE SAGE Net and want to grow together and continue to realise our vision.