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In 2013, SAGE Net organised a three-part training for returnees from their voluntary services, especially for those who are involved in the pedagogical design of accompanying seminars and want to share their experiences in a reflective way.

The training imparted knowledge about the design of group processes and phases, methodical tools as well as moderation and presentation techniques. At the end of the training all participants have developed their own seminar unit.

As a joint “outcome” of the training series, a comprehensive handbook with seminar methods has also been produced – the participants now have further perspectives for practical work in accompanying future volunteers.

The topic of sustainability is especially important for SAGE Net and can already make a big difference on a small scale. Especially broadening the horizon and getting to know new methods can be helpful. In South Africa there are a lot of small ecological projects, so-called “Food Gardens”, which are often not sustainable.

In November 2012, two South Africans, Sarah Goliath and Andrew Sauls from Port Elizabeth, came to Berlin for a week to study with us. The aim of our little exchange was to discuss and raise awareness about the topic “Sustainability through Food Gardens” and to establish concepts of this kind in development education work in Germany. Above all, it was also a chance to learn more about the ecological knowledge of the two South Africans* and possibly to link German and South African projects.

Together we visited various ecological projects and gardens in Berlin and were surprised how many urban garden projects can be found in this city of millions. On the subject of “allotment gardens” we met the Danish filmmaker Signe Astrup, who lives in Berlin and has filmed a documentary on our topic. We also visited the Princess Gardens, the Allmende Kontor on Tempelhofer Feld and Winfried Schiffer with his demo field on the “Fukuoka” philosophy. With our new knowledge and the lively exchange of ideas we developed a seminar concept together.

Sarah and Andrew have been involved in ecological projects for quite some time. Both are actively involved in the garden project at Greenville Primary School in Port Elizabeth and therefore have a wealth of experience and insights that they were able to give us. They can also use the new input from Germany to make their project in South Africa more sustainable and teach the methods.

After their return home, a two-day seminar in Port Elizabeth was planned and conducted by our two volunteers.


On the occasion of the thank-you event for the Berlin sponsors, SAGE Net could book a successful pre-summer evening in the charming ambience of the restaurant “Blisse14”, Berlin Wilmersdorf.

The event brought sponsors, members, employees and former volunteers together at one table for a common exchange and chat.

The tasty meal afterwards and the flair of the inner courtyard offered enough opportunity to extend the friendly get-together into the late evening hours.


As a non-profit association, the ASB not only makes an important contribution to the common good in Herne and Gelsenkirchen, but has also been involved in South Africa for many years.

Around 120,000 people live in the township of Tumahole in the district of Parys, 130 kilometres southwest of Johannesburg. After the ASB and a South African partner association had operated the day care centre “Lehlohonolo” (“Glück”) in the middle of the poor settlement for many years, this project is now being run by the local association “South African Samaritan Organisation” under its own responsibility. About 150 children are looked after and medically treated there every day. The children aged two to 16 years receive clothing, food and vitamin tablets.

In July 2007 the Day Care Centre “Relebohile”, which is supported by the Workers’ Samaritan Federation, was opened. For months, more and more children had come to the construction site to see the progress.

The interest in this new centre was great, as the number of children and young people to be cared for was constantly increasing.
The centre is looked after on site by the seven-member board of the “Relebohile” association, which is made up of staff and long-standing local supporters. The project has also become part of the weltwärts programme, for which SAGE Net has sent two volunteers on several occasions.