Public relations and weltwärts

Are you interested in public relations?

You want to get involved?

You like to work in a team and have many creative ideas?

We are looking for you for our COMMUNICATION WORKING GROUP!

Who we are

SAGE Net is a diverse association with different projects. In order to publicize the work of SAGE Net, the COMMUNICATION working group was founded in 2020. 

Social media, website, Youtube account, newsletter. We take care of the public relations. Because there is a lot to report!

We are a small team with flat hierarchies. Alumni, interns, team office Berlin and everyone who is interested in the exchange between Germany and South Africa and would like to get involved. You are welcome!

Once a month we meet digitally. We collect ideas, plan campaigns, distribute tasks and create an editorial plan for the coming month. Everyone can contribute their creative ideas.

What we do

Meet our newest member!

My name is Benedict Sithole. I am 22 years old and come from South Africa. I am currently working as a volunteer in the AG Communication. I was introduced to SAGE Net by an alumni. When I started in the AG, I didn’t know much about public relations and was very nervous. The team welcomed me patiently and kindly. I felt very welcome. Working with the team is an exciting experience for me. I get to develop ideas, help with social media posts, and learn a little German. I also get to work with great people. I’m looking forward to a productive new year and being a volunteer in Germany one day!


Join our next meeting!
We are looking forward to seeing you!

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