The Butterfly Art Project introduces itself!

Due to the Corona Pandemic, our partner organization Cape Mental Health in Cape Town will unfortunately not be able to accept volunteers this year.

Instead, we would like to introduce you to the Butterfly Art Project, which will be hosting SAGE Net volunteers this year. We are looking forward to the cooperation and wish our volunteers a good time.

The organisation

The Butterfly Art Project is an organization with much understanding and experience in healing trauma wounds in the community.
The project trains, mentors and supports adults who work with children in marginalized communities and provide psychosocial support through art.

Community Art Facilitators

These beneficiaries are the BAP’s 242 community art facilitators.

They create art groups that use their learned psycho-social skills and promote the uniqueness of the children.

In 2021, more than 5000 children could be reached through the Community Art Facilitators in the Western Cape and Gauteng.


Safe spaces

Educators provide safe learning spaces and opportunities for children to explore, experience and develop their creativity as well as recognizing and working through emotional hurt and pain.

In the long run, this enables them to better view and address challenges and problems in life. Healthier, more stable children grow into emotionally stronger adults, resulting in stable families that contribute to a healthy community life.

The BAP center is located in a two-story building in Vrygrond, Cape Town.

Angela Katschke is the founder and managing director. She graduated as an art therapist from a German university. Since then she has been working in psychiatric, psychosomatic and psychotherapeutic medicine. In 2009 she arrived in South Africa. She specialized in art therapy for traumatized children living in insecure and unstable communities.

See you soon!

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