Fundraising team: new projects

At the moment, our eight-member fundraising team is working on several projects to bind donors to SAGE Net in the long term. But we don’t just want to collect donations, we also want to give something back.

Therefore, at the end of last year, we jointly designed a calendar with pictures from South Africa, taken by former North-South volunteers. In this way, we were able to support our partner organisation Copessa. Since the campaign was so successful, we want to make it a tradition and put together a calendar every year that also gives an insight into the range of activities of SAGE Net in South Africa and Germany.

A new podcast

We are currently working on a large-scale fundraising campaign for our South-North volunteers. We want to find supporters for additional services, such as language courses or mentoring programmes. These are not covered by BMZ funding.

In order to be able to realise these offers, we are working on a podcast. We are supported by a SAGE Net alumni who already has experience with his own podcast “All you can Meet“. In the podcast, we accompany two South Africans on their journey as SAGE Net volunteers. Over the course of the year, they talk about their expectations, experiences and impressions.

film projects

At the same time, we want to give our South African volunteers a platform and bring them more to the fore. We will present them in short videos, which will be shared mainly via social media. Finally, we are planning a short film in which a volunteer is introduced more intensively and reports on his plan to go to Germany for a year.

Do you want to join in? You want to help organise new projects and promote fundraising? You are very welcome!

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