Our new weltwärts coordinator

Leonie Salzmann

Our team is growing!

Leonie Salzmann has been working in the Berlin office team as weltwärts coordinator since December. She takes care of all future, current and returned volunteers from Germany and South Africa. Her area of responsibility includes the selection, preparation and follow-up, including the supervision of the volunteers. 

Previous stations

Before Leonie Salzmann came to SAGE Net, she lived in different countries and gained a wide variety of work experience. 

Since her voluntary service in Indonesia, Leonie Salzmann has been working on a voluntary basis at the exchange organization AFS Intercultural Programs e.V. She led various seminar for schoolchildren and students, was involved in the selection of program participants and the training of trainers. 

One of Leonie Salzmann’s focal points is the development of educational concepts. For example, she led a project group at AFS and was responsible for developing concepts for preparatory training courses and the associated manual.  

For the south-north program, Leonie Salzmann accompanied participants from the global south in Germany. She helped with official visits, organized joint cooking evenings, or visited projects. 

She also focused on voluntary service during her studies. In her bachelor thesis, Leonie Salzmann checked the learning success of a self-developed training course on the subject of “Eurocentrism”. In another work, she compared the voluntary service at home and abroad in terms of “commitment after the assignment”. 

“Show initiative!” Was the motto of my voluntary service in Indonesia. I have kept this attitude and like to inspire other people to try something new out of their comfort zone and to change their perspective. Since I benefited a lot from my voluntary service myself, it is important to me to work with young adults and to accompany them in their learning processes.


In her private life, Leonie Salzmann plays the classical guitar, looks after her grandmother, and enjoys doing Pilates. Together with friends she founded a digital reading group on the topic of critical whiteness. 


When working with volunteers, Leonie Salzmann’s goal is to empower them to deal productively with themselves and society to understand their own position and discover options for action. During various educational activities, she always attaches great importance to participation and co-creation.

We welcome Leonie as part of the SAGE Net Family and look forward to working with her in the future. A warm welcome!

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