weltwärts coordination: Our new team!

We say goodbye to our weltwärts coordinator Leonie and wish her all the best!

Since the first of January there is a new weltwärts coordinator in the team in Berlin. We introduce:

Isabelle Gewiese

Our new North-South coordinator Isa is a SAGE-Net Alumni and was with the class of 17/18 at Masifunde in Gqeberha. Since her return, she has been involved with Masifunde Germany in a variety of areas.

After she was able to support Leonie as an intern during the preparation seminar for the current cohort, she has been responsible for the North-South volunteers since mid-December. She is busy taking care of the current cohort and the newly arriving applicants.

At the moment she is still a student at the University of Vienna for a Bachelor in Sociology and is looking forward to the upcoming semester abroad in the Netherlands.

Matthias Christians

Matthias will take over Isa’s role starting in February and is expected to represent North-South Coordination until mid-2023. He is also an alumni. During his year in Cape Town, he not only got to spend four months at Fountain House, but had the chance to work at the Erika Special Care Center for another eight months.

Besides telephone interviews and seminars for SAGE Net, Matthias is involved with the township project Ubomi of our Cape Town mentor Thomas together with Isa and other alumni. He will finish his bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering in Karlsruhe at the end of the summer and will then be available to the SAGE Net team from Berlin.

We welcome Isa and Matthias as part of the SAGE Net Family and look forward to working with them in the future.

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