Application day digital 2022

Our digital application day

On 05 March 2022, the second digital selection day for the next North-South volunteer group took place. A day we had all been looking forward to and preparing for a long time. Like last year, this one took place online again, but this saved everyone a sometimes longer journey. In addition, Kjetil from the Village Scribe Association in Makhanda and our mentor Thomas from Cape Town were able to join us, so that the applicants also had direct contact with South Africa. In the morning, the day began with a round of introductions of the alumni, applicants, SAGE Net and the partner projects.  This was followed by three blocks of content for the applicants. The first block was an interview with two SAGE Net representatives.

A day spent together

These include alumni, mentors and people from the Board of Management. In the open space, the applicants were able to clarify their questions. Finally, there was a workshop where the participants could get to know each other better. At around 3 p.m., the selection day was over for the potential weltwärts participants. In the subsequent debriefing, it was clear to all SAGE Net representatives that this was a very successful day and that we had found some suitable candidates for our projects.

These projects in South Africa are still open for German volunteers: